Water is our most precious commodity

And we know how to treat it



Inspired by the power of water, over the years we have created pumps increasingly robust and reliable, also suitable for the heaviest jobs.


An international commercial network

The foreign relations have begun, already many years ago, as a challenge to ourselves and due to the desire to compete with new realities, to gain new experiences and to succeed in a new and fascinating enterprise.
The choice to select the trade relations according to qualitative and expertise criteria adequate to our standards has allowed us to achieve excellent results both in Italy and abroad.

Research and innovation

Our experience and craftsmanship, combined with updated technological and management support enable us to maintain a high level of quality of each pump and to be present on the market with a wide range of electric pumps made entirely in Italy, as a guarantee of quality and reliability.

A model for every employment

The constant search for the design and construction of electric pumps suitable to work in the toughest conditions allowed us to gain skills in designing and manufacturing submersible pumps for drainage and for the treatment of white and black waters, both for civil and industrial use.
It is for the quality of all our submersible pump that we are mainly well-known on the international market today.


28 Giugno/June
1 Luglio/July 2022

Fiera Milano (It)

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